01. They didn't want to buy a new car, so they [leased] one for a year.
02. In Quebec, if you want to rent an apartment, you have to sign a [lease] for at least a year.
03. When we signed the [lease] for our apartment, we had to pay a $200 damage deposit to make sure we left the place in good condition when we moved out.
04. He wants to sell his business, but he is having trouble because no one wants to take over the 10-year [lease] he signed for the building.
05. The [lease] on our apartment will be finished next year, and we're afraid the owner will raise the rate when we re-negotiate.
06. We were able to get a three-year [lease] on the building at a lower cost than a yearly [lease].
07. According to your [lease], you will have to pay a heavy penalty if you decide to vacate before the year is up.
08. We [leased] a computer rather than buying it for our home business so that we could deduct the cost from our income tax.
09. Joseph Losery once said that life is a secret [lease] from God.
10. We [leased] a television for the six months that we were living there.
11. We have to find someone to sublet our apartment until our [lease] expires.
12. With the end of its 99-year [lease] on Hong Kong approaching, Britain and China signed an agreement on December 24, 1984, under which all of Hong Kong was to be returned to China in 1997.
13. In 1878, Great Britain [leased] the island of Cyprus to Turkey.
14. Under Ethiopia's land system, the government owns all land, and provides long-term [leases] to the tenants.

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(for a term of years)

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